Building a Braai

You can buy a braai in every conceivable shape and size from any number of different outlets, but if you are serious about braaing and enjoy your DIY, what could be more satisfying than building your own? The materials that make up this braai are relatively expensive and it will last for years.


  • Tape Measure
  • Spirit Level
  • Square
  • Brick Laying Trowel
  • Chisel
  • Club Hammer



Make a wooden frame as a guide to the dimensions of the grill kit. Lay the bricks out dry (without mortar) then lay the bricks on a bed of mortar; made up of 5 parts soft building sand to one part of cement, with plasticiser added to keep the mix supple.

Use a spirit level to ensure the brickwork is level and plumb. Here, a paving slab is used as a tabletop. Lay the slab down as a guide to the independent leg position. You can use a 1 x 0,6m paving slab, or a 0,6 x 0,6m slab like this one.

To get the brickwork bond correct, it is necessary to cut half bricks. Cut these on a soft surface with a bolster chisel and club hammer. Wear protective clothing for this operation.

When you have built the brickwork to the correct height for the slab table, turn some of the bricks as shown, so that they act as corbels (supports) for the table and the grate. Ensure that you me asure the width of the grate so that you will be sure of a good.

Repeat the corbels two courses up to support the cooking griddle. Again, measure the position of these carefully.

Two more courses of bricks are required to complete the braai.

Push four metal pins into the mortar below the top course of brickwork to support a warming griddle shelf.

Set the paving slab on a bed of mortar to make a table top alongside the main body of the braai. Leave the brickwork to cure for a couple of hours. The area under the slab can be used to store wood charcoal.

Go to your nearest Build it and purchase a solid metal base that will fit into the brick supports. You will build the fire on this. Also purchase a metal grid for cooking, this is placed above the above the fire. A second solid metal base can be placed on the metal pegs above the cooking grid that can be used to keep food warm.