Water Storage Tanks

Water Storage Tanks

Water storage tanks are an excellent solution for harnessing and utilising precious rainwater for various needs, ranging from drinking water to garden irrigation. However, to ensure proper functionality and safety, it's essential to follow certain guidelines during installation and maintenance. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you make the most of your water storage tank:

Choosing the Right Tank:
When choosing a water storage tank, consider factors such as capacity, colour, and shape to best suit your requirements. Determine whether your primary need is for drinking water or for secondary purposes like car washing or garden watering. JoJo tanks offer a range of options to accommodate diverse needs.

Covering and Screening:
Prevent contamination by covering and thoroughly screening the tank to exclude mosquitoes, birds, and animals.

Overflow Design:
Design tanks to overflow onto gardens, infiltration trenches, or the stormwater system to avoid waterlogging and potential damage.

Isolation Mechanism:
If your household utilises both rainwater and the mains water supply, ensure isolation between the two systems using a valve mechanism or tap to prevent cross-contamination. Seek advice from professionals, like Build it, for guidance on appropriate mechanisms.

Sunlight Exposure:
Install tanks away from direct sunlight to inhibit algae growth, which can compromise water quality.

Water Filtration:
If the stored rainwater is intended for drinking, install a reliable filtration system to ensure purity and safety.

Flush Diverter Device:
Implement a flush diverter device fitted onto the tank inlet to prevent the initial flow of contaminant-laden water from the roof entering the tank during rainfall, helping maintain water quality.

Additional Tips:
  • Using stored rainwater for drinking is safe if properly filtered.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain your water storage system to ensure functionality and address any issues promptly.

​By following these guidelines and tips, you can maximise the benefits of your water storage tank while safeguarding your health and the environment. Invest in quality equipment, follow best practices, and seek professional advice when needed to enjoy a reliable and sustainable water supply for years to come.

Water Storage Tanks

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