Styling tiling hacks that will save you money

Styling tiling hacks that will save you money

Choosing tiles
Buying the right tiles will help you to achieve the effect you want and also ensure that the tiles stay looking good for years to come. So it is important to get the right tiles for the space.

Exterior: Tiles are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures and also need to be slip-resistant.

Wet areas: Tiles need to be slip-resistant and water-resistant.

Choosing tiles
Heavy foot traffic areas: Need more durable tiles.

Stairs: Porcelain tiles work better on stairs because the colour is consistent throughout the tile, even when it has been cut.

Carefully consider the effect you want to create. Matching the colour of the grout to your tiles will create a seamless look. However, contrasting grouting makes the tiles stand out.

Grouting tiles

Porcelain vs Ceramic

Pros: Porcelain tiles are extremely durable and the colour is baked into the tile, which means it is the same colour throughout the tile. They do not absorb water, and so will not stain.
Cons: Porcelain tiles are more expensive and difficult to work with. You would need professional equipment to install them.

Pros: Ceramic tiles are affordable and easy to work with.
Cons: They are long-lasting, but not as durable, and the colour is only on the surface of the tile.

Porcelain vs Ceramic tiles
Measuring for tiles

It is important to get 10% to 20% more tiles than you need to make sure you don’t run short of tiles due to breakage. It also helps to have spares in case some of your tiles get damaged later on.

Get the millionaire look on a budget
Get the millionaire look on a budget

If you’ve got your eye on some beautiful but expensive tiles, make them a feature in a smaller area of the floor (like a permanent rug) or using them as a border around the mirror in a bathroom. Save on the rest of the tiling by choosing a standard tile that complements the design of your feature floor or wall.

Build it stocks a range of quality, competitively priced tiles.

Styling tiling hacks that will save you money

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