Replacing a Damaged Tile

Don’t let a broken tile ruin the look of your tiled wall. There is no need to retile the whole surface; simply replace the broken tile and get your walls looking brand new!

Your tools:

• Drill and masonry bit
• Hammer
• Cold chisel
• Notched adhesive spreader
• Tile spacers
• Grout spreader
• Leveller
• Rubber mallet

1.    Loosen the grout around all four edges of the damaged tile with a grout raker and rake it out. Drill some holes in the centre of the tile to weaken its surface, using a power drill fitted with a ceramic tile bit. Change to a larger masonry bit to increase the size of the hole, if necessary.


2.    Use a hammer and cold chisel to cut through the tile between the holes and to chop out the central portion, taking care not to dig the chisel into the wall.


3.    When using the chisel ensure you work towards the edges at a 90 degree angel of the tile (inwards), gently breaking pieces away and being especially careful as you get close to neighbouring tiles. Once the tile is removed, scrape out as much adhesive as possible.


4.    Make sure you have removed enough adhesive by inserting the new dry tile. Buttercoat the back of the tile with tile adhesive, using an adhesive spreader, and position it in the hole. Ensure it is flush with the surrounding area using a leveller.


5.    Press the tile into place with a Rubber mallet softly and ensure that it is positioned flush with the other tiles. Fit tile spacers perpendicular to the tile’s surface or maintain the gap for grout and prevent the tile from slipping out of position before the adhesive is dry. When the adhesive has dried, remove the spacers and grout the tiles.


6.    Allow the adhesive and grout to dry, before walking or placing any items on the newly installed tiles.