Decorate your Kitchen on a Budget

A kitchen is for more than just cooking! It’s a place for talking, laughing and spending time with family and friends. Whether you are renovating, redecorating or simply adding a few new finishing touches, we have some useful tips for creating the very best kitchen on a budget.

Don’t be shy to add some colour

Whether its cabinets, bar stools or walls, colour can do amazing things to brighten up a space. Find the perfect colour for your kitchen, adding a colourful accent and see what a difference it could make to a previously dull or lifeless space.

Add or change your lighting

If the lighting in your kitchen is dim, or you hate the overhead fixture, don’t be afraid to change it! It’s simple, inexpensive and can change the entire look and feel of your kitchen. Putting a table lamp on your counter top, dining table or island can make your kitchen feel less clinical, as well as making this space warm and inviting. Tip: Create focus areas with light fixtures over islands, the breakfast nook and the sink.

Cover old countertops

Putting in brand new countertops may be quite a scary or expensive operation. As an alternative, try painting your old countertops with a lovely colour of your choice. You’ll need to carefully sand and prime the area and paint with several thin layers of paint but the results can make a dramatic difference to your kitchen. You can also change the handles on your existing cupboards to give the whole kitchen a new look without making any drastic changes, or perhaps cover up worn counter top areas with a gorgeous big chopping board – a functional and practical option!

Remove upper cabinet doors

If your current cabinets are looking a little old-fashioned or tired, and you want to open your kitchen space up a bit, try simply removing the doors to your upper kitchen cabinets. It's an easy change to make (just unscrew the doors and fill and paint the holes) and you will be delighted at the sense of spaciousness it will bring. You can then showcase some of your nice crockery, a plant or decorative bowls or jugs to brighten things up and add some personality and charm.

Throw in a rug

If you thought rugs were only for bedroom or living areas, you may just be surprised at how a rug can transform your kitchen. Cover up tired tiles and flooring with a colourful rug and instantly update and brighten the space with this simple and inexpensive touch.

Revamp an outdated fridge with chalkboard paint

Got an old and rusty fridge but no budget for a brand new one? Try covering it in chalkboard paint for a creative and fun look. The chalkboard surface could be used to keep a grocery list, menu ideas, messages or inspiring quotes. Plus, it will keep kids busy while you cook!

If the lighting in your kitchen is dim, or you hate the overhead fixture, don’t be afraid to change it!